SecOps Professionals CSOP (Certified Security Operation) course delivers basic knowledge and analysis processes used in a Security Operation Center (SoC). In this course, you will learn about how to identify and analyze cyber threats and malicious activities, figure out the consequences, take immediate responsive measures, and learn the proper SOC operations and procedures. You will also learn about the resources available to assist within the organizational structure and they also learn how to identify malicious activities.

The content of the course provides a solid understanding of the tools and systems of SOC infrastructure. You can also be able to define the types of SOC Metrics and the fundamental analysis of a threat-centric SOC. Here, you will learn the required knowledge on the security concept on IoT Security and Cloud along with the process to apply the cloud security method and implement IoT Security techniques.


  • Officially no prerequisite is there for the candidates to enrol in this course.
  • Hence, it is ideal but not required for the candidates to have profound knowledge of Security operations and the IT infrastructure of the organization.
  • Anyone who is interested to pursue his/her career in this field may consider taking this course to accelerate their career path.

What will you gain after this course

  • By taking this course, both the individuals and the IT professionals are used to knowing about exploring the preemptive measures of troubleshooting and the means to develop effective strategies to develop cybersecurity.
  • Usually, the curriculum of this course will help the candidates with preemptive troubleshooting and the process of developing strategic planning for an effective cybersecurity strategy.


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