Getting Started with ThinkPHP Training Course


This instructor-led, live course is aimed at developers wishing to learn ThinkPHP to develop web applications.

ThinkPHP is a fast and simple PHP Object-Oriented MVC framework with support for UTF-8, plugins, role-based-control-access (RBCA), a template control engine and multi-databases.

Format of the Course

  • Heavy emphasis on hands-on practice.
  • Most of the concepts are learned through samples, exercises and hands-on development.


  • Experience or interest in web programming.
  • Experience or interest in MVC frameworks.
  • General knowledge of Object Oriented Programming.

Course Outline

Introduction to ThinkPHP

Object-Oriention in ThinkPHP

Installing ThinkPHP

Model-View-Control in ThinkPHP

  • ThinkPHP Controller
  • ThinkPHP Model
  • ThinkPHP View
    • Working with templates

Authentication and Role-Based-Access

Database Access in ThinkPHP

Plugins in ThinkPHP

Summary and Conclusion

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