IBM Planning Analytics (TM1) Training Course


IBM Planning Analytics powered by TM1 is an On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) software tool. It is a client-server environment that provides analysis of data that are stored in a database.

This instructor-led, live training (online or onsite) is aimed at analysts who wish to use TM1 to analyze and customize reports and templates for data in a database.

By the end of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Learn how to analyze data using IBM Planning Analytics.
  • Create custom views of the data in a database.
  • Build reports and forms that communicate with TM1.

Format of the Course

  • Interactive lecture and discussion.
  • Lots of exercises and practice.
  • Hands-on implementation in a live-lab environment.

Course Customization Options

  • To request a customized training for this course, please contact us to arrange.


  • Understanding of data analytics
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Excel


  • Analysts

Course Outline


  • Overview of IBM TM1
  • Setting up and navigating TM1
  • Examining TM1 Components

IBM Planning Analytics Workspace

  • Getting started with Planning Analytics workspace
  • Working with books and views
  • Customizing cube views
  • Organizing work
  • Exploring scorecards
  • Entering and spreading data

IBM Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel

  • Getting started with Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel
  • Connecting to the data source
  • Analyzing data
  • Working with data and reports
  • Exploring TM1 data

TM1 Operations

  • Configuring Planning Analytics system and feature
  • Understanding TM1 Admin server operations
  • Planning Analytics security
  • Managing users and groups
  • Monitoring system and performance
  • Understanding cube¬†dependency
  • Replicating and controlling cubes
  • Creating dynamic reports with active forms
  • Using TM1 applications
  • Analyzing and entering data in IBM Planning Analytics insights


  • Overview of TM1 REST API
  • Getting started with TM1 REST API
  • Managing and authenticating sessions
  • Working with Metadata
  • Representing TM1 data
  • TM1 REST API data spreading
  • Managing TM1 database assets
  • Using TM1 admin server

TM1 Web

  • Overview of TM1 Web
  • Working with websheets and charts
  • Exploring data and editing subsets
  • Managing TM1 Web


Summary and Next Steps

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