Microsoft Access – download the data Training Course


The course is designed for persons with pre-information databases using SQL queries or queries.


Knowledge of Windows

Course Outline


  • The types of queries
  • Query Wizard
  • Query Design View
  • query Properties
  • Grouping in Queries
  • Create a simple select query
  • Crosstab queries
  • Query the search duplicates
  • Not matching the search query data
  • Parameter queries
  • Queries (forming a table, delete, append, updating)
  • Create a table with a query
  • Archiving data using an append query
  • Troubleshoot queries

Expressions in Queries

  • Examples of the use of expressions
  • Calculations in queries
  • Functions

SQL in Access

  • Download the data
  • Restrict results
  • Sorting Data
  • SQL Functions
  • Aggregating data using the grouping
  • Retrieving data from multiple tables
  • subqueries
  • Operators collective

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