PROFESSThe primary responsibility of the Cloud Network Engineer is to deploy and configure the computer network architecture in the Google Cloud Platform. Almost every tech giant has started offering cloud-based services and Google Cloud Platform is one such platform. This training course is designed for the IT professionals who have experience of working on cloud platforms and/or networking on Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), computer network services, hybrid connectivity, and computer network architecture. The subject matter of this ‘Professional Cloud Network Engineer’ covers various modules that include the fundamentals of cloud-based computer networking.

The first module of this course covers the basics of designing, planning, and prototyping a Google Cloud Platform network. It includes designing the overall network architecture along with the failover and disaster recovery planning, choosing the best option for load balancing, ensuring hybrid connectivity, developing an effective DNS strategy, integrating SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS with the system and the micro-segmentation of the network for security purposes.


  • There is no particular prerequisite mentioned officially, for this course.
  • It is ideal but not required for the candidates to have at least one year or more experience working as a computer network administrator and/or cloud specialists.
  • Such work experience will help the candidates of this course to get the subject matter and the content of this training more easily compared with others.

What will you gain after this course

  • This course will help the candidates learn and know about the process of migrating a computer network over a cloud platform.
  • The content of this ‘Professional Cloud Network Engineer’ training course will also help the candidates to design, develop, and deploy a computer network over a cloud-based computer infrastructure of the company.


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