Unity: Developing 3D Games with C# and Javascript Training Course


Unity is a cross-platform game engine for developing video games for PC, consoles, mobile devices and websites.

This instructor-led, live training covers the fundamentals of game development with Unity while walking participants step-by-step through the creation of their own game.

Format of the Course

  • Discussion, hands-on design and development and quizzes


  • Desire to learn game development.
  • Programming experience helpful, but not required.


  • Beginner game developers

Course Outline


Setting up Your Development Environment

Fundamentals of C# for Gaming

Fundamentals of Javascript for Gaming

Working with the Interface

Manipulating Objects

Importing and Exporting Assets

Setting the Scene

Applying Physics to the Objects in the Game

Combining Assets to Create Complex Objects

Populating the Scene

Implementing Behaviors

Developing Boo, JavaScript and C# Scripts


Adding Animation

Managing the Lighting

Rendering and Building the Game

Optimizing Your Game

Packaging Your Game for Distribution

Summary and Conclusion

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