MicroStrategy for Developers Training Course


MicroStrategy is a business intelligence (BI) platform for creating visualizations, interactive dashboards, automated reports, etc. It provides a suite of development tools, such as SDKs, to customize and integrate MicroStrategy analytics with other applications.

This instructor-led, live training (online or onsite) is aimed at developers who wish to use MicroStrategy to build, customize, and embed MicroStrategy analytics into web and mobile applications through REST APIs and SDKs.

By the end of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Set up the necessary development environment to start developing custom apps with MicroStrategy.
  • Understand the MicroStrategy features, architecture, and core programming concepts.
  • Learn how to use the MicroStrategy Web APIs and SDKs to customize analytical applications.
  • Integrate MicroStrategy functionalities into web and mobile applications.
  • Execute RESTful API commands to embed MicroStrategy with external applications.
  • Get some tips on how to troubleshoot and fix coding issues.

Format of the Course

  • Interactive lecture and discussion.
  • Lots of exercises and practice.
  • Hands-on implementation in a live-lab environment.

Course Customization Options

  • To request a customized training for this course, please contact us to arrange.


  • An understanding of Business Intelligence concepts
  • Experience with any programming languages


  • Developers

Course Outline


  • Overview of MicroStrategy features and architecture
  • Programming concepts with MicroStrategy SDK

Getting Started

  • Installing and configuring MicroStrategy
  • Fundamentals of REST APIs and SDKs

Customizing Applications

  • MicroStrategy Library and MicroStrategy Web
  • Using Eclipse IDE and Web Customization Editor
  • Customizing menus and pages
  • Creating links, plug-ins, and web beans
  • Formatting display using CSS

Embedding Analytics

  • Using the Embedding API library
  • Manipulating data objects from a custom app
  • Using the Push Data API
  • Embedding dossier in an HTML page

Integrating Analytics into Mobile Applications

  • Customizing Library Mobile for Android and iOS
  • Using the MicroStrategy Mobile App Platform
  • Integrating with EMM providers
  • Using the Mobile URL API
  • Deploying applications to Android and iOS devices
  • Distributing Android and iOS applications


Summary and Next Steps

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